Use this cutting-edge AI secret weapon to boost your own business, or start a profitable agency!

Login to the GPT-4 powered AiVideoSuite and select
the AI whiteboard Video Maker Or AI Shorts Maker.
Click a button and choose which kind of video you want: sales video, business ad, product promo, explainer/tutorial, squeeze page content, or informational video.

Give it a keyword, product, or niche, and it will instant write the script AND create your slides.

For vertical videos - Go to the AI Shorts Maker, select from 100+ editable vertical video templates in 11 niches and create gorgeous vertical videos that are social media ready.

You can also create fast-and-easy slideshow videos from a variety of sources:
  • Using keyword search - instantly fetch stock images for any keyword.
  • Using images from anywhere on the web. Just paste the URLs.
  • Using your own pictures or slides. Upload them all at once.
  • Using an existing video. Upload and edit it within the tool.
You can optionally edit your videos with the built-in editing tool to change voiceovers, add background music, add text, add watermarks, crop it, adjust speed, overlay images and more.
After choosing your options, click a button and the tool will create your video as an MP4 file. Your video will be stored in your account, and you can simply download the MP4 file to upload anywhere, or deliver to a client.

You can return to the video in your account any time to make further edits or to re-generate the video with different options.

Your audience and clients will be impressed with the quality of these videos, so you can monetize them in many ways and keep 100% of your profits.

Start or boost your own business today with a few clicks.
AiVideoSuite easily makes us $97-$197 a day!

With our Agency License, you can start a profitable business by offering a hot service that sells itself. This would also be a great new income stream for your main business.

Here's How:

Option 1:

If you have an existing base of customers or subsribers, now you can instantly create GPT-powered videos and voiceovers for their projects and get paid handsomely.

Option 2:

If you are a newbie, now you have a smoking hot, advanced A.I. video and voiceover creation tool. You can sell these services to thousands of business owners, professionals, and content creators all around the world.

Sell these services for top dollar and generate solid paychecks month after month!

  • Sell HD videos - whiteboard videos, sales videos, business ads, video sales letters, product promos, squeeze page videos, explainer videos, and informational videos.
  • Sell vertical videos for social media.

  • Generate and sell high quality voiceovers for any type of audio or video production.
  • Sell marketing videos to be used on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

These tools make us profits 24/7 like clockwork and that means they will work for you too!

If you are looking for a magic genie, sorry. BUT... if you're looking for a REAL automation tool that uses technology to create the "magic" of real results, AiVideoSuite is the solution you've been waiting for!

"I'm always on the lookout for tools that save time and deliver quality. AiVideoSuite ticks both boxes. The instant video scripts from ChatGPT 4 and voiceover creation are a marvel. I've produced explainer and business ads videos effortlessly, impressing clients and driving conversions. A true asset in my marketing arsenal."
  • John Carter Marketing Consultant
Being a startup founder means juggling various tasks. AiVideoSuite has become my content partner. Instantly generated video scripts and voiceover generation have saved me countless hours. I've produced high-quality explainer videos that resonate with investors and customers. Thanks guys!
  • Alex Patel Startup Founder
"AiVideoSuite is a game-changer for teachers like me. Creating informational videos was once a hassle, but now, it's a breeze. I've enhanced my courses with engaging explainer videos that simplify complex topics. The vertical video templates also make sharing on platforms like TikTok seamless, expanding my reach and impact."
  • David Thompson Online Educator
"AiVideoSuite has elevated my freelance game. Clients love the videos I produce, and I love the time I save. Instant video scripts are a godsend, especially for whiteboard sales videos. I recommend this software for any freelancer."
  • Rachel M. Scott Freelance Marketer
"It has been a profit booster for my e-commerce store. Creating product promo videos is effortless, thanks to the instant scripts and voiceover generation. The vertical video templates have also been a big help for social media.
  • Michael Jasperson E-commerce Entrepreneur
As a social media manager, AiVideoSuite is my newest secret weapon. The ability to quickly generate video scripts and voiceovers has transformed our content strategy. If you're my client and you're reading this, don't worry - this is only going to let us do more for you!
  • Emily Barker Social Media Manager

What if you could whip up amazing whiteboard sales videos, business ads, squeeze page videos, informational tutorials, product promos, and vertical videos in the blink of an eye?

Well, buckle up because AiVideoSuite is about to rock your world!

Picture this: You select your video category (such as whiteboard sales video, explainer, informational, product promo, business ads) – and voila! Our built-in video creator with GPT-4-powered prompts craft a sensational script for you.

No more wracking your brain over writing - it's as easy as adding your product name or website address.

Need something more complext like an explainer or tutorial video? Just type in the topic you want to cover, and boom - a GREAT script pops out like magic.

Imagine the time you'll save! Plus, with our creative prompts, you'll be churning out videos that capture attention, boost sales, and skyrocket conversions.

Vertical vids? You'll have 100+ templates in 11 HOT niches so you can rock your social media - ads, reels, stories and more.

Voiceovers? Yeah, you got that too! Create voiceover scripts, generate human-like voiceovers in multiple languages and accents, add them to your videos - all inside one dashboard!

Still wondering if can AiVideoSuite can REALLY do all of that? Well, instead of trying to tell you how it works, how about we SHOW you the evidence right here in this demo video...

By our estimates, GPT-4-powered AiVideoSuite is 10X more productive and efficient then any similar software!

With AiVideoSuite, you can...

Boost sales through AI whiteboard videos by 20%+
Bring up to 50% increase in landing page conversions.
Increase traffic by 82% with vertical videos and other traffic magnets
Increase conversions by a remarkable 135%, as a result of well-crafted sales messages and high quality voiceovers
Boost conversions by up to 80% with professional-grade sales videos, business ads, product promos, and explainer videos
Boost mail conversions - With engaging content you can boost open rates by 19%, increase click-throughs by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%
Save 82% in cost compared to more expensive video tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Vdocipher, etc
Elevate your brand with videos that capture attention of your audience and drive real results.
No more complex scripting - just fun, fast, and fabulous videos at your fingertips!
Save both time and money by allowing this GPT-4 technology to create your videos and voiceovers.

Why work harder when you can work smarter with ChatGPT-4 and AiVideoSuite?

Unleash videos with voiceovers that turn heads and rake in Sales

Creating vertical videos is as easy as this

Not only does AiVideoSuite create impressive videos, but it also generates professional voiceovers. Choose from a range of natural-sounding voices that will bring your videos to life .

Create Voiceovers for

Whiteboard, Vertical, Explainer, and other videos

Ads, TV Commercials

tutorials, online courses etc

Audiobooks & Podcasts

As the first-to-market with this video suite, we are sure you don't have anything like this in your marketing arsenal.

Video marketing is an unstoppable force, with 91% of businesses relying on video marketing...

Now, here's the kicker - stats don't lie!

  • Businesses that ride the video wave witness up to 80% more conversions.
  • 84% of marketers use video content to generate leads, and
  • 85%- 86% of businesses find it effective in grabbing attention, increasing traffic, and boosting search engine rankings.

Yup, you read that right. Videos are the game-changers, and you're just a script away from stepping into that spotlight.

Why settle for ordinary videos and voiceovers when you can create extraordinary ChatGPT-4 powered whiteboard videos, captivating vertical videos, explainer videos, and other sales videos tailored for social media platforms and businesses with life -like voiceovers in seconds?

Hiring professional video creators is not always an option, and learning complicated software can be a frustrating experience.

Communication problems, delays, and crazy costs can drive you crazy.

Businesses struggle with

  • Shooting their own videos and recording their own voiceovers.
  • Spending hours figuring out how to use GPT-4 to create videos and voiceovers.
  • Expensive monthly subscriptions that dwindle their savings and marketing budgets.
  • Lack of technical know-how, resulting in wasted time, much frustration, and poor results.
With AiVideoSuite, you can take full control of your video creation and voiceovers. No more depending on others!

Create professional-looking videos and amazing voiceovers on your own. It's easy and quick!

ChatGPT-4 + AI Videos and Voiceovers = The Holy Grail of Video Automation in 2023 and Beyond!

With AiVideoSuite, crafting professional-grade videos has never been easier.
Select your desired category - whether it's sales videos, business ads, promos, explainer/tutorials, squeeze page content, or informational content - and let our advanced ChatGPT 4-powered prompts do the magic.
In a matter of moments, your video script and voiceover script is ready, created to perfection by AI intelligence and converted into jaw-dropping videos with human-like voices.
With our 100+ DFY vertical video templates, your vertical vids are ready in minutes.
AiVideoSuite has revolutionized and automated the process of creating videos for your own business or for your clients.
One thing that sets AiVideoSuite apart is the built-in power of GPT-4, creating videos and voiceovers of the highest quality, surpassing any AI-generated content you've experienced before.

Here are a few examples of actual videos created entirely (and almost instantly) with AiVideoSuite...

Easily charge anything between $100 - $1000 per project. Videos and voiceovers typically sell for hundreds of dollars.

You can decide what to charge for 1 video, or perhaps a package of 10, 20, 30, 500 - any number of videos or voiceovers.

Imagine doing it for hundreds of clients. That could generate an income of 6 figures or more!

As dramatic as it sounds, the payouts generated by doing work with AiVideoSuite could transform the trajectory of your business and life.

Since you can create videos for ANY niche, you can tap into clients from any niche.

Here's The Real-Life Value Of Your Investment...

AI Video Creation Software

Value $0/Month

Voiceover - Top-Notch Text-to-Speech Software

Value $0/Month

100 + Vertical Video Templates

Value $0/Month

Video Editing services

Value $0/Month

Total Value – At Least $1169/ Month

(Or Maybe Thousands More, Depending on Where We're Looking)
But Today During Our Launch You Get Everything For Just One Small Payment!

So there's no risk for you...

Now You Have Two Options:

Leave this page without taking action, and continue with your struggle.

Try the GPT-4-powered premium applications of AiVideoSuite for 30 days completely risk-free.
Leaving The Page Without Even Trying AiVideoSuite Could Mean...
  • More wasted time
  • Perhaps years of spinning your wheels
  • Missed opportunities
  • Lost dreams
  • Financial struggle
  • Not living to your full potential

It means passing up the best opportunity you've come across lately -
Capitalizing on the GPT-4 marketing revolution and setting yourself up for ongoing income.

Do not miss this.

Don't let the competition outshine you.

Embrace AiVideoSuite and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your business. Your success story begins now, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.
So why wait?

Sign up today and experience the power of AI-driven video marketing and content creation.

Today Is Your Chance, And For A Limited Time Only, To Secure Your Agency License To AiVideoSuite...

Choose Your Best Option Now:
Agency Rights - $37
  • Set up a ChatGPT powered profitable business on fiverr and upwork in 30 minutes!
  • Sell GPT-4 powered whiteboard sales videos with voiceovers!
  • Sell Informational Videos, Explainer videos for online courses, products, services etc
  • Sell product Promos for your new products, Business Ads videos, and squeeze page videos.
  • Sell vertical videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook or any other media
  • Sell GPT poweredvoiceovers, or creation services
  • AI Video Maker – Create scripts instantly for videos
  • Convert scripts into Whiteboard sales videos, Informational Videos, Explainer, product Promos, Business Ads, and squeeze page videos.
  • Full HD Vertical Videos for Shorts, Stories, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube
  • Different resolutions and size tailormade for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook
  • AI Shorts – Vertical video maker
  • 100+ Editable Vertical Video Marketing Templates in 11 Hot Niches
  • Convert Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos
  • Generate Stunning Videos from Image URLs or Local Uploads
  • Use Searchable Images to Create Captivating Videos
  • Create Image slideshow video using keyword search
  • Create Videos uploading your own pictures or slides
  • AI Video Editor - Add Thumbnails, speed, rotate, crop, Trim, reverse, text alignment!
  • Add Background Music, Animation, Voiceover, watermarks etc
  • GPT 4 powered Vox Creator with Editor
  • Create Up to 6000 characters per voiceover in multiple voices & languages and add to videos
  • Store Up to 1 GB of videos per month
  • 100% Beginner Friendly

  • What Is AiVideoSuite?
    A- AiVideoSuite is a brand-new GPT 4 Powered Ai Video creator + Voiceover Creator App that lets you revolutionize your profits while saving thousands of dollars in monthly subscriptions..

    It is powered by ChatGPT 4 DFY prompts that create scripts for Whiteboard videos Sales Videos

    • Business Ads Videos
    • Squeeze page Videos
    • Explainer, Tutorial Videos
    • Product Promotion Videos
    • Informational videos
    B- Vertical Videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and

    C- Voiceover scripts and create voiceovers in seconds.

    D- Also loaded with DFY 100+ vertical Video Marketing templates in 11 niches.
  • Do you charge any extra maintenance fees?
    No! AiVideoSuite is available at a one-time payment only. There are no hidden fees or additional charges to pay.
  • Are There Any Video Tutorials I Can Refer To?
    Yes, We Have Videos For Almost Every Feature And Issue You May Face.
  • Do you provide any support?
    Yes. All of our tools are extremely easy to use, but if you are stuck somewhere, support is just an email away.
  • Is AiVideoSuite newbie-friendly?
    Yes! You don't need any skills or experience. Simply follow the simple steps we show you and you're all set.
  • What kind of fish did Eric catch in the video at the top of this page?
    He caught a cutbow trout (hybrid cutthroat x rainbow trout), and a smallmouth bass.
  • How is this different than some of your past tools?
    Frankly, this one is newer and better. The AI voiceover technology is similar to a couple of our previous voiceover tools, but we've added more options this time. Meanwhile, the video technology is much improved over anything we've launched previously. The logic built-into the software is improved, with the ability to automatically generate slides, and autoformat the text of whiteboard videos. And perhaps most importantly, the GPT-4 powered content generation is better than anything we've offered before. For the low price that we're offering it here, it's worth it even if you already own everything we've ever launched.
  • How do I get AiVideoSuite?
    Simply click on any buy button on this page. As soon as you purchase, you'll receive an email containing your log-in credentials and your membership information.

    You can log in to your admin panel right away and begin using AiVideoSuite to build your passive income stream.